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60 Years

of excellence and growth
in the Toy, Gift, and Sport Divisions.


Feel free to reach out to Roz Palasota
at 214-505-4030 or rozp@diversemail.com
and she'll assist in getting you the best
we have to offer into your stores!

Order with Us!
Roz Palasota

Contact our Inside Sales Department at 214-505-4030 or RozP@diversemail.com Roz will be happy to help you with an order on the spot, or get in touch with your local sales representative.

Create with Us!
Haylie Schick

Need Help With Content Creation? Shoot our creative wiz Haylie Schick a note at HaylieS@diversemail.com . Her focus is creating, executing, and analyzing social campaigns that drive consumer demand and lead to meaningful retail placement.

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    Leading industry manufacturer representative group supplying the US retail market. With four showrooms to represent you in Dallas, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Minneapolis and over seventy reps...

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    Toy Division

    Entertaining toy products in a wide range of categories such as arts, crafts, collectibles, puzzles, books, action figures, party supplies, vehicles, educational, learning toys...

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    Gift Division

    Inspiring gift products in a wide range of categories for all occasions such as stationary, jewelry, candles, trendy, frames, precious moments, bracelets, paper gifts, gear...

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    Sport Division

    Authenticated sport products in a wide range of categories such as t-shirts, calendars, mugs, board games, sports accessories, authenticated pens, and much more...

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Over 60 Years of Excellence

We are a leading nationwide salesrep organization representing products in toy, gift, sport, and trend industries.

Greg Hardin, CEO
"Our goal is to be a guide to our customer. We do what's best to grow with the people we treasure, and as a result success follows."
Wes Hardin, President
"It's not just about the product, it's about finding the product that works for the specific retailer."
Steve Starobinsky, CMO
We truly believe in the product and sell what we like ourselves. We want our customers to be successful with what we give to them."
Ben Killberg, Vice President of Sales & Strategic Accounts
"Diverse is a one stop shop for retailers to find toy, gift, and sport products all in one place."

Finding the right product.

We strongly believe that a product gains value by putting it in the right place. Which leads us to be the only sales group to help our customers "FIND" the right product that helps grow your business.

  • "We love what we sell."
  • "We believe in our product."
  • "We take pride in our people and grow to success together."
  • "We enjoy what we do and do it well."

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